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Ganesh Timber Traders blends culture, values, ingenuity, experience and commitment with the best technologies and quality available in the industry. Established in the early 1984, provides high quality Timber, both domestic as well as exotic species. With our vast network in India and around the globe, we meet your Timber needs in a timely fashion. We deal in all kinds of Timber. We specialize in Teak wood, Decorative wood, Softwood and Hardwood. Having grown through two generations and spanning 5 decades in the timber trade, Ganesh timber traders has given birth to several fruitful alliances and earned highly bankable reputation within the trade and in the business community at large.

The major thrust of Ganesh timber traders professional activities and core area of competence lies in sourcing timber and creating value-added end products through timber processing and importing all types of timber. These are then distributed across the nation through a wide network which has been developed for almost a century. Ganesh timber traders combines technology with innovative marketing and production skills in all its operations. Finally, Ganesh timber traders is a company that does not compromise; it believes in investing equally in both people and a quality product.