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Burma teak


The strength and beauty of its fiber is the primary reason that Teak wood continues to be a main choice for furniture material. The desire for Teak products is increasing, both in our country and also abroad, but the supply is not keeping up because the growth cycle of the conventional Teak tree is long The most salient characteristic of Teak is its resistance to all kinds of weather. Because of this, it is also resistant to decay and easily repels insects. This is one of the reasons that, unlike other woods, it is often used as the main material for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak wood holds its form over many years, even if left outside, Through much of recorded history Teak wood has been relied upon and trusted for its uncommon strength. This wood is highly prized by lovers and collectors of furniture the world over. Because of its rareness and the limited supply of teak in the world, teak is increasingly being sought after.

Uses: Furniture, flooring, architectural millwork and moldings, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, paneling and caskets.