Sri Ganesh Timber Traders



The heartwood is yellowish to orange brown when newly cut, but matures to brown or dark red-brown; there can be moderate to high colour variation. The grain can be straight, wavy or interlocked, and may form a ribbon figure on radial surfaces; Merbau has a moderately coarse but even texture with an oily fell to it. The surface can often be lustrous, but vessel cavities may contain yellow deposits that can dye cloth. The sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood and is whitish-grey to yellowish-brown. It is moderately heavy and hard, with medium stiffness, bending strength and resistance to shock loads.

Uses: Flooring including parquet, heavy construction, quality joinery, striking-tool handles, boatbuilding, sleepers (Railroad ties), furniture including office furniture, kitchen cabinets. Interestingly figured logs are sliced for decorative veneer.