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Description: Description: The European walnut is normally straight grained, but can be wavy. It has a coarse texture. A clearly defined central core will sometimes produce beautifully figured wood. Walnut crotch, bur (burl) and stump wood figure can be very attractive.

Properties: It has a height crushing strength, medium resistance to shock loads, medium bending strength, Low stiffness, and very good steam-bending qualities. It works well with both machine and hand tools, and has a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. The wood planes well and finishes cleanly. It turns, carves, nails, screws and sands well, and moulds, bores, routs, mortises and glues satisfactorily. Walnut stains very well, but ultraviolet light inhibitors in the finish are advised to prevent colour fade. The wood can be brought to an excellent polished finish.

Uses: Walnut is prized for cabinetwork and for gunstocks and rifle butts. It is used for quality furniture, office and bank fittings, turnery, sports goods, carving, and interior trim in luxury cars. Figured wood is sliced into veneers for cabinetwork, marquetry and paneling.