Sri Ganesh Timber Traders

supplier and retail

At Ganesh timber traders the quality process begins with the purchase of the finest quality Burma teak wood, primed products, and clear hardwoods from Burma and other countries where any one member of the company visits Burma once in every month and inspects every lots of teak logs and other hard wood logs and lumber to make sure it meets our high standards. After importing the timber the logs will be dumped in at camp yard in Mangalore, these are then distributed across the nation through a wide network which has been developed for almost a century. The company distributes the timber from Mangalore in a very professional manner under the leadership of senior most partner of the company along with two talented and experienced professionals who are employed as distribution manager who are responsible for unloading and loading the goods and to undertake all other selling activities, and as it is a family business the whole business is managed by the partners and the senior members of the family who are in the third generation in this field. We have the retail counter in Bangalore with saw mill where the timber logs and sawn timber of different kinds are made available to the customer.

We place considerable emphasis on one more aspect of company's work-dialogue with our customers. Those who maintain a wide range of wood species in stock like we do can offer a lot of alternatives. For this reason Ganesh timber traders sales personnel concentrates on the requirements of customers with respect to further processing.

Every meeting with the customers is a consulting discussion in which complete clarity and transparency is maintained. On this basis, company generates long term business relationships based on trust. It goes without saying that we will always be there for you in every situation-especially if you need a reliable order follow-up.

This quality process helps company's customers to
     • Build a competitive advantage
     • Increase the satisfaction of their customers
     • Increase the satisfaction of the company's retail customers
     • Generate more sales with both new and existing customers
     • Increase cross-selling opportunities
     • Improve inventory management
     • Reduce or even eliminate call backs for contractors and builders
     • Free up working capital
     • Reduce labor and overhead costs
     • Boost profits
     • Retail customers get customized sawn timber according to there need.

During these 28 years Ganesh timber traders years have grown steadily in Bangalore and cater to the needs of both end users and Reputed Saw Mill's, timber retailers and Veneer Industries all over India and also cater to the needs of reputed builders , Interior designers and MNC Project in and around Karanataka.